Scholarship Applications
It is your responsibility to find out closing dates - we cannot advertise every scholarship available.

It is also your responsibility to apply for a Principal's or school reference through Careers at least three weeks prior to the closing date - late applications for references will not be accepted.

If an e-mail addresss is required for a school reference or contact the address to use is:

If you are unsure of closing dates please see Careers staff ASAP.

Sir Robert Jones Scholarship for Daughters of Refugees - Must have excellent academic and co-curricular record and proof of background and financial and/or personal hardship.  Go to for more information.  Scholarship is for full university fees plus accommodation costs.  See Careers for details and to apply for the required school reference.

Keystone Scholarship - full fees scholarship for people studying a property related degee e.g. architecture, civil engineering, construction, property (approx. $20,000).  Criteria - good written and verbal communication skills, good academic results, co-curricular involvement, leadership potential, demonstrated significant level of financial and/or circumstantial hardship.  If you would like to apply for this scholarship come to A20 on Thursday 8 June at 12.30pm to get more details.