Full Time Jobs

Foundry Apprenticeship - Avondale

Student required to work in Art Dept of foundry where they make bronze sculptures, door handles, plumbing supplies etc.  Must have Level 2 maths, enjoy practical technology subjects and have drivers licence.  Take your CV when applying for job.  For more information contact Arthur Shaw on 828 1202.

Fletchers Construction - visit www.switchup.co.nz  for information on jobs available at Fletchers.

CBD Job and Skills Hub - Will connect you with employers and jobs in the construction, tourism and hospitality industry that match your skills and interests.  Email CBDHub@aucklandnz.com for more information.

Customer Service Rep - Airport Oaks
Customer facing role involving taking phone calls/emails from customers asking for rates, quotes or to arrange collection of shipping or orders.  Will work closely with operations team to ensure customers shipments are arriving on time and to communicate any delays that may occur.  Must be organised, able to multitask, have good communication skills both oral and written and good problem solving skills.  Hours are 8am - 5pm or 8.30am - 5.30pm. To learn more about the company go to https://www.expeditors.com/about-us/culture   To apply email Bronwyn.Riddle@expeditors.com

Ocean Import Agent - Airport Oaks

Operational role involving updating system on all import shipments coming into any port in NZ.  Track and trace the shipment to ensure shipments are arriving on time, update system and customers fo delays, liaise with shipping lines adn co-loaders to arrange release of shipments and arrange payment.  You will need to have good attention to detail, good with numbers, handle a fast paced environment and work well in a team.  Hours are 8am - 5pm of 8.30am - 5.30pm.  To learn more about the company go to https://www.expeditors.com/about-us/culture   Email Bronwyn.Riddle@expeditors.com

Part Time Work

New World - Green Bay - Positions available for students 15+ years.  See Careers for information on how to apply

Work Experience

Customer Service at Z petrol stations.  Trial period of 3months unpaid voluntary work.  Could lead to paid part time work or full time work.  Programme run with support of local police station.  Email Tony at Avondale Police on ktw506@police.govt.nz 

Digital Finishing Work Experience available in Avondale.  Could lead to part time/full time work.  If interested email kellie.dormer@bdrmax.co.nz