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Australia New Zealand Reference Centre
 - Full text New Zealand Newspapers - direct links
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is building a comprehensive guide to our peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy and society.

New Zealand history website produced by professional historians for a general audience. Includes a broad range of topics divided between culture and society, war and society, Treaty of Waitangi , Genealogy links.
Papers Past is a collection of digitised historic New Zealand newspapers which offers browsing and full text searching.

Welcome to Many Answers. Here you can search for answers to popular homework questions asked at

Search across more than 25 million digital items to discover New Zealand treasures such as amazing aerial photosold posters and memorabilianewspaper clippingsartworks, and publications.
The NZ Herald newspaper online.
Quick Link For School Students:Databases, Catalogues, Blogs, Homework Questions

Index New Zealand's searchable database contains descriptions of articles and other items from over 1000 New Zealand magazines and newspapers from earlier in the 20th century, right up until the present day.

Along with articles, INNZ also indexes New Zealand book reviews, poems, short stories, and biographical articles. Subjects covered include social research, the environment, science, agriculture, current affairs, the arts and the humanities.

INNZ only includes items about New Zealand and the South Pacific.

INNZ Guide For Schools.

The New Zealand Official Yearbook has provided a comprehensive statistical picture of life in New Zealand since 1893

A moving image resource for NZ classrooms, available for
students and teachers.
Digistore is a storehouse of digital content to support learning across the curriculum, from early childhood through to senior secondary.

AVCOL Library Livebinders

LiveBinders are an online binder for curating digital content. The Library Team have created the following LiveBinders to help you find current, reliable, relevant information on the Internet for these assessments. 

The access key is AVCOL  

Information Skills

Social Science


Fake News

Why Google is not always enough

Corbin, Jenny  and Claire Brooks.

 "Why can't I just Google?." YouTube. La Trobe University 2009. 

The Research Process

Click on the links below for a guide through the 
Research Process

What exactly do I want to find out?
Where will I find the information I need?
Which resources will be of use to me?
How best can I oraganise my information?
How can I best present my information?
How well did I complete the task?

The Research Process "How to Guides"

The C.R.A.P Test :

How to make a Reference List  using Bibme

How to guide for "everything study and research related" check out Study Vibe.


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