Welcome to the Avondale College Sports Academy

In addition to our extra-curricular sports programme is our Sports Academy, which is available to our most talented junior sportspeople.

The Sports Academy provides expert coaching in the sports of basketball, netball, rugby, football and hockey, as well as cricket. 

The philosophy of the Sports Academy is to nurture the talent of young students, giving them the opportunity and environment to excel, both on the sports field and in the classroom.

The Year 9’s enjoy early morning coaching sessions covering six major team sports at the College. These are Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball and Rugby. They have completed initial fitness and skills testing and under the tutelage of experienced and highly qualified coaches are engaged in developing their skills and game understanding.
The Year 10 Academy groups follow a curriculum based programme which is a mixture of practical coaching and theory relating to Sports Performance. This programme is designed to develop an understanding and knowledge through Physical Education as well as performance. It is hoped this will inspire these students to perhaps follow a career path in the subject area through school and beyond.
All students are engaged in learning life skills through sport and this is underpinned by new initiatives, such as our Sports Ambassador visits and INSPIRE Programme.