Yr10 Product Development

 This year long course is composed of four units of work which include the “Bottle Opener”, “iPod Amp”, “Materials, origins, forms and uses by designers” and the “Trebuchet”         

The first unit the “Bottle Opener” is centered around Technological Practice with a focus on Brief Development. By the end of this unit students will be able to produce a bottle opener which is designed around a student developed brief.

The second unit “iPod Amp” continues to reinforce the skills acquired in the first unit of work, but has an assessment focus that is centered around Technological Practice with a focus on Outcome development & evaluation.  By the end of this unit students will have worked through the PRIME model to produce and evaluate their technological outcome (iPod Amp).

The third unit "materials, origins, forms and uses by designers” is theory based centered around Technological Knowledge with a focus on Technological products. By the end of the unit students will be able to describe how the transformation, manipulation and forming of materials can contribute to a products fitness for purpose.

The fourth unit “Trebuchet” is an introduction to Technological Systems. This is a fun activity where students modify a trebuchet kit to gain the advantage over their peers to knock down the enemies’ castle.

Throughout these units of work students will complete activities linked to the three stands of the technology curriculum.  These strands are technological practice, technological knowledge and the Nature of Technology.

Solo Posters

Relief Work

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10TPD Bottle Opener Assessment

Bottle Opener Student Resources

                    Aluminium - From Bauxite to finished product

iPod Amp Student Resources

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