General Information

Keys – managed and distributed by the Property Manager, Brian Quedley. To request keys, please complete a Key Allocation Authority form, which should be signed by your HOD, Director, or Deputy Principal. Associate Staff should request via the Business Manager.
NOTE Keys are the responsibility of the person signing for them.
When keys are no longer required, they must be returned to the Property Manager and signed in.
         Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Property Manager.
Parking – In carpark or roadways, except where marked “Reserved” or with yellow lines. No parking in areas between buildings or on grass.
Photocopying and typing – See your Department Director about on-site photocopying procedures.
Leaving school during the school day– If you are leaving for a short period of time and returning to the school it is necessary to sign in and out at the front desk. This is important in case of an emergency within the school. If leaving the school during the school day and not returning, please see Lynne van Etten before signing out.
Assembly – Attend when your class and/or form goes to assembly.
Problems Curriculum  - see Department Directors
Discipline - see Dean or DP
Salary etc - see Accounts Clerk
Organisation - see Deputy Principal
Personal, career etc -  see Deputy Principal or Principal
Emergency exits – The home room teacher is required to check each morning that the emergency exit is able to open and is not blocked by any object.
Supervisor of Beginning Teachers The supervisor of beginning teachers is Lynne van Etten, Deputy Principal. She will be responsible for co-ordinating your registration programme over your first two years of teaching. At the first meeting of beginning teachers, at the start of the school year, you will be given a pack outlining the responsibilities of all the people involved in securing your full registration. Please feel free at any time to talk to Lynne van Etten about your registration programme.
In this school we expect you to work hard, have fun and to identify yourself with the school in and out of the classroom. We shall do our best in return to support you and assist you in any way we can. If you have any worries, see a senior staff member about them at once. In turn, you should make pupils work hard, but be a good counsellor to them as well.