Accessing the School WiFi

You can connect your personal device to our school WiFi by connecting to the AC-Mobility wireless network using the same username and password you use to log into the computers.

Remote Access to the School Network

You can now access school computer remotely from your home. It is very easy and you will be able to use some of the programs that you can use on a school computer. 

Simply go to in your web browser and log in using your school account

Mac OSX Users will need to install "Microsoft Remote DesktoEnginuity Dp" from the App Store and make sure it is the default application for RDP files.

Important Notes:
  1. Please use Internet Explorer. 
       NOTE: * if you wish to use Google Chrome you will be ask to        
                      accept/connect another extra button.
        2. Enter your School Email Address (eg
            And the same password you use to login to computers

       3.  Click Sign In

Academic Programme 2020

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here to download a copy of the Academic Programme and Option Forms for 2020.

Student Network Accounts and Network Access:
You are no longer required to sign the AUP Agreement.

Lost your password?

Your password is extremely important because it gives you
  • Access to any school computer
  • Internet/WiFi
  • File storage
  • Printing
  • Email
  • School Calendar
Soon it will give you access to personal information such as your school reports, NCEA and Cambridge progress, and much more. 

It would be dangerous to let your password fall into other hands. 


You should change your password on a regular basis. You can change your password by logging into a school computer, pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and choosing the "Change a Password" option.
Alternatively, you can use the "Change my Password" menu item in the "About Me" menu at the top of this page.

If you have lost your password, your subject teacher may be able to help. Otherwise you can visit the library and ask for help from a librarian. 

Remember to always be aware of the Network rules and follow them, otherwise you run a risk of losing your network account for a time

Your smart device

 We encourage you to bring a smart device to school to use in class. Smart devices include laptops, tablets and phones. There are some important rules about using smart devices:
Phones are never permitted to be used in class but smart devices can be used sometimes. This means that phones can never be used to make phone calls or to send texts while you are in the classroom.

However, If and only if, your teachers says "this is a smart lesson" or "this is a smart activity", you can use your smart device to access educational material for the lesson. 

If you use your smart device outside of those times, you may lose access to the Internet or lose your account for a period of time.

Careers   - Located A19

Pathways Planning - Wednesday 22 July, 3.30pm - 6.30pm in the PAC. This event is for parents/caregivers and students to get help with subject choices and information from liaison staff of universities, polytechs and ITOs.

Massey University Science Department present Ask Me Anything, an interactive webinar series covering study and careers in Food Technology, Engineering, Agricultural, Horticultural and Animal Science, Construction, Computer and Information Science, Biology and Chemistry. Sessions run from 8 to 16 July 4.30pm - 5.30pm.

For the Ask Me Anything webinars REGISTER HERE

Yr 13 Maori and Pacific Students intending to go to University in 2021 are invited to a four session mentoring programme.  First session is on Thursday 2nd July in A20 at 12.30pm.  All welcome.

Thinking of studying in the United States

Learn about studying in the United States! Join the EducationUSA Team and 20 U.S. colleges and universities for EducationUSA Virtual Week, featuring 10 Facebook Live sessions on finding best fit institutions, navigating financial assistance, how to prepare for applications, and more. Education advisers from New Zealand will be available for a live Q&A session on July 10th. All questions about study in the USA answered!


Tune in live:

Scholarship for Maori and Pacific Students - For Foundation Health Sciences year at Otago Uni - $10000 towards accommodation costs, academic and cultural support. Must have Level 2 in at least one science subject , good level 2 grades and be able to demonstrate cultural commitment. Applications close August 15.

Students must submit an application for Principal's reference to careers (available from careers) by July 24 - no exceptions.

Details of scholarships and application forms available from

Maori students Tu kahika Foundation Year Scholarship -

Pacific Students POPO Foundation Programme - email for more info

Need documents certified by a JP for tertiary applications?  A JP - Mrs Evans - will be available next term on Thursday at lunchtime in A24.  Please bring along a photocopy of the document requiring certification and the original document.

Virtual Info Sessions, Webinairs and Online Sessions - Visit the Guestspeakers page.
Lincoln University Virtual Open Day, University of Canterbury Virtual Open Day, AUT Online Art and Design Information Day, Education USA Virtural Week and NZ Broadcasting School, MIT and Unitec.  See link for more information.

Media Design School Mini Open Day - Wednesday 15 July.  Annual Open Day - Saturday 15 August.

Scholarship  Applications For 2021.
Below are the closing dates for the main university scholarships for this year.  There are many others available, unfortunately we cannot advertise them all.  It is the students responsibility to research what they are eligible for and to find the relevant closing dates.  The Money Hub site is a good place to start.

All scholarship applications require the student to submit an Application for a Principals Reference form to Careers, at least three weeks before the closing date of the scholarship.  Form can be downloaded from intranet site or picked up from Careers Dept.

If you have specific questions please email Ms Thomson -  

Main University Closing Dates
University of Auckland - 20 August (TBC)
AUT - 1 September
Unitec - 3 August
Massey University - 20 August
Waikato University - 31 August
Victoria University - 1 September
Canterbury University - 15 August
Lincoln University - 15 August
University of Otago - 15 August

Unitec Free School Holiday Workshops for Yr11, 12 and 13 students.  Introduction to Early Childhood - 15 July, Building Modelling and Design for Designing Buildings - 16 July, Project Dream Home (life of a quantity surveyor) - 16 July, Dance Winter Workshop - 15 and 16 July, Screen Bites - 17 July.   Bookings required.

Unitec Webinar for International Students - Thursday 16 July, 3.30 - 4pm  Register

Interested in a career in radiation therapy?  Tours of the Cancer Centre, Auckland Hospital offered on Monday 24 August, 5pm, Wednesday 2 September, 4.30pm and Tuesday 10 November at 4.30pm.  To register visit

Careers Events - Open Days and Career Events will be found here.

Sports News

Check out all of this week's fixtures, now available on the intranet.  These will be updated as they change and cover Monday through to the following Wednesday (updated each Monday) so you always have the most up to date information of when and where your game is.

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