Student Data Use Agreement

Use of electronic facilities at the school is subject to the conditions in the Data Use Agreement. The agreement is a 1 year contract and will need to be re-signed on the Intranet at the start of the each year.

In signing this document I agree that:

  • I will only use school computers and other Information Technology resources to support teaching and classroom learning.
  • I will not access material through the Internet which is offensive (e.g. pornographic), dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal.
  • I will not pass on such material by copying, storing or printing.
  • I will not play games on computers connected to the school network.
  • I will not send any messages which are offensive, dangerous, inappropriate for school, or illegal.
  • I will not allow any other students access to my Internet account.
  • I will treat all IT equipment with respect.
  • I will use only school software on school computers.
  • I will be considerate of other users.
  • I will respect copyrights.
  • I will take responsibility for electronic privacy and security.
  • I will not give anyone on the Internet information about myself or anyone else - this includes address, phone numbers, photograph or credit card information.
  • I will not publish any digital material, written, auditory or pictorial imagery that relates to members of the school, events in school or on school activities on any network (web, cell or other) without permission of the school.

I understand how important it is to avoid disruption of the running of any computer or network.

  • I will remove immediately from the screen any material that would not be allowed at the school that I accidentally come across, and tell the teacher right away.
  • I will use portable storage devices only to backup work or take it to and from home.
  • I will permit the school to inspect my personal storage devices to protect the integrity of the system.
  • I will tell the teacher if I come across a network security threat.
  • I will tell the teacher if I come across a privacy threat such as a compromised password. 

Personal Laptops and Smart devices.

You are encouraged to bring along a smart device to use in lessons.

  • I will not send texts or make phone calls during class-time.
  • I will not use my smart device during class unless my teacher has declared a "Smart Activity" or a "Smart Lesson".
  • I will only use my smart device to access educational content.
  • I understand the value of my smart device and will keep it secure at all times.


I have read this Agreement and know the importance of the school rules for the use of computers and the Internet.

I know that if I break these rules, I might lose the right to use a school computer, and the school may take other disciplinary action against me, which could include my removal from any course that involves computer use.