Your Smart Device

Avondale College encourages the use of smart devices in class at times designated by your subject teacher.

Connecting to the School Network
We make it very easy to the Avondale College Network.
You will need to go to your wireless settings and connect to the AC-Mobility network.
The AC-Mobility network is secured and your username an password will be requested upon connection.

Keep these things in Mind
Any pages you view are logged and can be monitored. 
You must not use your smart device in class without your teachers permission. Your teacher will say "this is a smart lesson" or "this is a smart activity" 
Network access is provided to you on the understanding that you will use it for subject related purposes and not for entertainment.
You are responsible for the security of your smart device. Keep it safe at all times. 

We may remove your network access for a time if you use technology inappropriately.

We are fortunate to have a good wireless network and we want you appreciate the privilege and use the service responsibly.